Happy Fall Y’all!

Bring on the pumpkins,
Fall is officially here!

Home Staging Tips for this Fall:

Are you excited that the cooler weather is finally here in Florida? Visiting Arts & Crafts Fairs in my hometown of Davenport is one of my favorite ways to celebrate fall with my friends.

Check out these home staging tips for preparing your home for sale this fall or use
these tips as a few suggestions to inspire some fall decorating.

Here’s Eight Home Staging Tips for this Fall:

1) Less is More: that is in regards to decorating. Too many fall/ winter holiday decorations will take the buyer’s mind off the layout of your home. Rather, focus on adding a few tasteful accents in the foyer to create an inviting setting and adding just a few small arrangements throughout your home.


2) Warm up your Walls:  No matter what time of the year that you decide to sell, a fresh coat of paint is a great way to warm up your home. Give the new 2017 Sherwin Williams color of the year a try: Poised Taupe. Here’s why: This timeless neutral is modern, classic and a beautiful balance of warm and cool.



3) Let in the Light: as the fall days are getting shorter, adequate lighting is important which is essential for highlighting your home’s best features. Try to let in as much natural light by opening up your blinds, re-evaluate your curtains/ drapes and place plenty of lamps throughout you home for additional illumination.

4) Emphasize Comfort: with the weather cooling down, a warm and cozy atmosphere will encourage buyers to stick around to linger during your showings. Another home staging tip for this fall is to add a few accent throw pillows and plush throws that will help buyers to admire your cozy home.

5) Use Seasonal Scents: Nothing says fall like specific scents such as cinnamon, maple, pumpkin and buttery vanilla.

6) Play up the Fireplace:  Even though you may not use the fireplace that often, it would be nice to see it as a main focal point in decorating the family room. Feel free to add candles, pumpkins, acorns, pinecones or a few special holiday flair.


7) Add at Touch of Luxury: You may not even realize it but adding a new blanket and throw pillows on your bed will enhance your home’s comfort. This will be an investment that you can bring with you to you new home. Including, new plush towels in the bathrooms or a new table runner will help update your home’s style.

8) Don’t Forget about Curb Appeal: No matter how beautiful the interior of your home, buyers won’t stop the car if they aren’t impressed with the outside. During this fall season, spruce up your lawn by raking the leaves and replace sod where needed. Check to make sure the sprinkler system is working well, clean the gutters and pressure wash the front walkway and driveway.  If your entry isn’t inviting, consider a fresh coat of paint on your front door and adding some flowers for a pop of color.