5 Simple Tips for Southern Hospitality

When you own a home in Florida, you should always be ready for house guests.


Here’s five simple tips to treat your guests with simple comfort:

1) Stock up on extra chargers and have a guest w-fi available.

2) Offer sample size soaps, toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, razors, etc. in a basket.

3) Set up a DIY cafe in the kitchen for coffee & tea time.

4) Decorate your guest room to be inviting. Theme it if you will. Designate a drawer & closet space and hang a robe or two for your guests.

5) Live like a local and give travel agent advice on things to do in the area. Put together a book with menus from restaurants in the area. Pre-plan some fun adventures. Maybe even, post a few pictures from past trips to remember their last visit.


Wishing you happy houseguests this holiday season!

Jody D
~ Jody